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2024 Tournament Rules     Updated January 27, 2024

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CARHA rules will apply with the additions and exceptions outlined below. 

  1. Length of Games: Games will be two 15-minute periods (stop time) with a 3-minute (running time) warm-up.
  2. Player Age Eligibility: Players should be within their division age group before Dec 31 of the tournament year.
    Goalies in the 45,50 & 55+ division maybe 5 years younger than the division they are playing in. No players under 35 years old. No exceptions. Additionally, the committee reserves the right to make exceptions to the age rule, based on player experience
    level and past AR tournament results.
  3. Championship game eligibility: All players except goaltenders must participate in at least 2 of the team's first 3 games to be eligible to play on Sunday.
  4. Equipment: A) CSA approved helmets for players and face mask (or cages) for goaltenders are mandatory.
    B) All Skaters MUST wear, at a minimum, a half shield while on the ice and a full face shield and neck guard are
         strongly recommended.
         Players who do not have at least a half shield on their helmet will NOT be permitted on the ice.
  5. Mercy Rule: If there is a goal spread of 5 or more goals with 5 minutes or less remaining in the last period, the clock will run. If the spread becomes less than 5 goals, the clock will still run.
  6. Icing: The Defensive Blue Line is used to call icing.
  7. Time-Outs: There will be NO time-outs allowed in Round Robin or Final games.
  8. Rough Play: Any team displaying unnecessary rough play (including off ice altercations with opposition teams, referees or Auld-Reid personnel) will be warned once. If this warning is ignored, the team will be expelled from the tournament and not invited back another year.
  9. Disputes: All decisions pertaining to interpretation of the rules shall be made by the tournament committee. All decisions made by the committee shall be final.


  1. Body Checking and Slap Shots: Body checking, slap shots and 'fake' slap shots are not permitted. A minor penalty will be assessed and if a player is injured, a major penalty will be assessed.
  2. High Sticking the puck is a minor penalty if their stick makes contact with the puck when above the shoulders.
  3. 3 Penalties: Any player assessed 3 penalties in one game will be given a game misconduct but may continue playing in the tournament.
  4. Late Starts/Behind Schedule: Teams arriving late to start their game are subject to a 2-minute minor delay of game penalty. An additional 2-minute penalty will be assessed if the offending team is more than 5 minutes late.
  5. Match Penalties and/or Game Misconducts:
    a. Any Major/Match penalty (5-minute penalty) means the player (including goalies) is prohibited from playing further
        in the tournament - he gets 5 minutes + game + tournament. If a goalie is forced to leave a game due to penalties
        and a second goalie is not dressed, the team must finish the game with one of their skaters in goal or forfeit the game.
        This player is subject to rules governing goalkeepers.
    b. An accidental high stick causing injury is a double minor penalty (4 minutes) and the player remains in the game.
    c. Any player assessed a misconduct penalty for abusive behavior towards an official in the last 5 minutes of a game or
        after the end of the game will be suspended for his team's next game in the tournament.