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 June 16, 2024            2025 Tournament Details & How to Apply

Team Divisions

  • Divisions will be available for age groups 35+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+ and 70+
    Age groups subject to change based on number of teams applying to each group.

  • Plan is for a maximum total of 80 teams in 2025 seeded into 20 divisions of 4 teams each.
    This may vary depending on the level of interest for each age group.

2.  Ice Time Scheduling Criteria.

  • All teams guaranteed 3 games.  Fourth Championship games are played on Sunday.

  • Tentative Ice Times (subject to city approval)
    > Thursday:  5:30 -   9:30 pm.  (Teams within 100 km may be required to play one game)
    > Friday:       2:00 - 11:00 pm.  (Teams must be prepared to play Friday afternoon. Teams can)
                                                         (volunteer to play 2-4 on Friday on their Application Form)
    > Saturday:  7:00 am - 11:00 pm
    > Sunday:    8:00 am -   3:00 pm

  • 40 teams will advance to play a 4th game on Sunday

  • Every effort will be made to optimize Individual team schedules.

  • With the exception of errors, the schedule will not be altered after the first week of December.

3.  2024 Entry Fee Payment. The 2025 Entry Fee is $975 payable by November 01, 2024.
The 2025 Entry Fee includes the cost for the Team's Tickets for the Large Prize Table Draws.
         Tickets will still be available for purchase during the Tournament in the Hospitality Room for all

        Teams have 2 Options for paying the 2025 Entry Fee:
         Note: Your team may not be placed if your Entry Fee is not in our possession by Nov. 15/2024.

  1. Send a Cheque post dated November 15, 2024 immediately after you Submit your Application.
     Make cheques payable in Canadian Funds to : Auld Reid Oldtimers Hockey Tournament.
    Mail Cheques to:
    Auld Reid Hockey Tournament
    c/o Jim Ives
    7385 Redhaven Cres.,
    Niagara Falls, Ontario
    L2G 7H6

  2. Send e-Transfers between Nov. 01 and Nov. 15 to be deposited on November 15, 2024.
    All e-Transfers should be sent to  

          If you have additional questions or requests you can contact us at:
  >> Auld Reid e-mail address: <<

.  Hotel Accommodations for Out of Town Teams.

  • Special hotel rates are available for teams that require overnight accommodations.

  • View participating Hotels and rates by clicking 'Hotels' at left.

  • Hotels need to know you are part of the Auld Reid Tournament when you reserve your rooms.
    Your records enable the tournament organizers to successfully apply for the Ontario Tourism Grant.
    All funds from Grants are donated to the Auld Reid Charities.
    We need you to book your rooms directly through the hotel and not book  through a 3rd party like
    hotels dot com. 
    WHY =  If you book through a third party, the Hotel does NOT donate financially to our
    charities meaning our charities loose out on much needed cash. Some of the Charities the tournament
    donates to= Food Kitchen, Salvation Army, local Hospitals, Toys for Kids etc.

5.  Registration Process: How to APPLY.

  • Teams that played in the 2024 Auld Reid Tournament will have priority for placement if they submit an
    Application by October 15, 2024

  • NEW teams can apply any time. You are encouraged to apply early as it's first come first served. 

  • NEW teams that are NOT placed will be be notified and their cheques returned.
    We will keep your application in a waiting list file in case there is a cancellation.

  • To Apply, click on the Application Form found on the 'Application and Roster' page at left.

6.  Key Dates to Remember

  • October 15:       Final date to confirm a spot for returning teams. 

  • November 15:  Cheques & e-Transfers will be deposited.  Rosters should be submitted.

  • November 24:  Teams divisions and schedules issued. Notify teams that were placed and teams
                                 that were not placed telling them their application will be kept on file.

  • December 01:  Final Rosters required, all cheques and e-transfers received.

  • December 15:  No further Schedule changes will be made.